June 19

Students who have completed 5th-12th grade are invited to a fun-filled day at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. 5th Graders will be accompanying the Student Ministry on this event. The bus will be leaving The Glade Church campus promptly at 6:00 am and will be returning around 9:00 that evening. 

When: June 19th, 6:00 am

Who: Students who have completed 5th-12th grade

Cost: $40 per student 

What to bring: pack a one-piece bathing suit and towel to visit the water park. A watch or phone to help keep track of time will also be helpful. Students should bring enough cash for three meals (1 stop on the way there plus two meals in the park). Soft drinks and sunscreen are included with the price of admission. Lockers are available for rent inside the park and are $10 per day. Each locker is large enough to serve 2 people.