From January through May, our Kids Ministry is encouraging students to participate in a Scripture Memory Challenge that corresponds with our Wednesday Night Curriculum. Each week, our students will be introduced to the verse and spend time memorizing it during their Life Group. Students who successfully complete the challenge earn a FREE trip to Altitude Trampoline Park with Children's Ministry on May 17th. They must successfully recite all 11 verses. 3-5 Grade must also list the second half of the Old Testatment books in order. For more details about the challenge see the documents below. 


Event Details:

Day: Sunday May 17

Time: 2:00- 5:00 PM

Participant Information: This event is for students who have successfully completed the Scripture Memory Challenge.

Drop Off: Parents/Guardians must escort child inside and sign Altitude Waiver. Once that is completed walk your student to the tables labeled The Glade. Parents are not required to stay while their child jumps. However, they are more than welcome to stay!

Pick Up: Parents/Guardians must enter the building and notify Ms. Lauren or another chaperone they are picking up their child. If someone other than the guardian is picking up the child, please notify Ms. Lauren ahead of time.