Turning point 2019 

This meeting for upcoming 6th graders will focus on equipping students and their parents to navigate the transition to middle school from high school. We will have the opportunity to hear from the following community leaders at this event. 

Ralph Cook: Licenced Therapist in Mt. Juliet. Ralph will speak to some of the interpersonal changes middle schoolers can expect to experience in their first year of middle school. 

Grady Pfahl: Middle School Director at The Glade Church. Grady will share what students can expect as they transition from children's ministry to middle school as well as some of the highlights of middle school ministry. 

Josh Savley: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. As students gain more responsibility, their access to technology also increases. Josh will share about responsible technology use for teenagers.   

Bethany Wilson / Kevin Dawson: Principals of Gladeville Middle School and West Wilson Middle School. Bethany and Kevin will be sharing about what students can expect to encounter at school in their first days of 6th grade. 

We hope that upcoming 6th graders and their parents will join us for this exciting evening. 

Sunday, July 28th - 5:30-6:30 pm  - In The District

Dinner will be provided.