We love our community! There are hundreds of families in our community who struggle to put food on the table. During the school year, there are different programs that provide needed food items for families. However, those programs do not continue during the summer months. This reality leaves families searching for a replacement. We have an answer! As part of a family assistance expansion, and a desire to love our community, we are launching into an expansion that further communicates the availability of the food pantry at The Glade Church. The expansion will allow families from Gladeville Elementary School and elsewhere in our community to obtain food as often as needed throughout the summer. They simply come to The Glade Church, communicate the number of individuals in their family, and recieve an appropriate number of food boxes. 

You have an opportunity to participate! Stop by the food display in the foyer throughout the months of June and July to help us feed hungry families! You will have the opportunity to grab a grocery bag and a list. Simply take the list and the bag, purchase the items on the list, and return them to The Glade Church. These items will go directly to families in the Gladeville Community.