Thank you so much for your interest in joining along with us to FUGE 23. We want you to know that your time, effort, and dedication do not go unnoticed. In past years, leaders have been able to join along with us to various trips and retreats at full comp to relieve you and your family of any financial burden that comes along with joining us for camp.

Hear me now, that is still very much the offer. We would love for you to join us, free of charge as our gift to you for serving so selflessly.

Some have asked in the past if they can help financially to get more students to camps, retreats, and other student ministry events. This is an effort in that direction. If you are able to pay towards your own way, every dollar not spent on leaders is money that we can put towards students. Below you will find a cost breakdown for leader registration. 

Total cost of leader registration: $200

  • Use discount code LEADER100 to receive a 100% discount - Total cost $0
  • Use discount code LEADER50 to receive a 50% discount - Total cost $100
  • Use discount code LEADER25 to receive a 25% discount - Total cost $150

Once more, there is zero expectation that you would select any particular option, I (Eric) wanted to provide this as an option in case it was appropriate for you and your family. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Leader Registration