In-Person Life Group Gatherings Suspended

Due to the coronavirus and the call to limit exposure through large gatherings, we’ve made the decision to temporarily suspend all in-person life group gatherings.


A life group is not a community of perfect people, but a community of redeemed people.

We believe life groups are vital to our spiritual growth. They are where the people of God equip one another by encountering the Word of God through the Spirit of God. It is not a community of finished people, but a community of broken people being finished. Our Christian faith is personal, but not private. The Christian faith has always been communal; lived out in a community with other Christ followers. For more information about Life Groups, contact Trevie Dean.

Women - All Ages - Mama's Kitchen

The kitchen used to be the place where women gathered. This is where mamas taught their daughters how to serve God, survive life's problems and become godly women. Now social media has replaced the face to face chats. Also, in our transient society, many young women don't live close to family and are looking for mentors to help them navigate the good and bad times they face daily. We will have lots of fellowship, cookies and a short devotional bible study at each meeting."


  • Day & Time

    Saturday at 9:00 am

  • Recurrence


  • Childcare Provided?


  • Leader

    Angies Bradley

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