We exist as a student ministry to partner with families in the proper discipleship of their children who will, in turn, make disciples wherever God may lead them.

Middle School Ministry at The Glade Church enjoys some of the most fantastic volunteer leadership around. Our staff and volunteers work hard to make sure each student finds themselves at home and has an opportunity to encounter Jesus. 

Middle Schoolers meet in "The District" on Sunday mornings at 9 AM. This is a fun and engaging space for students to meet with friends and leaders before services begin and engage in study together once we get started. 


When student services resume, Middle Schoolers will meet from 9-10 AM on Sunday mornings. This time is designed to be an interactive experience for students. The main teaching responsibility is shared among staff and small group leaders and students are encouraged to add to the conversation as much as possible. We are walking through The Gospel Project and exploring the overarching story of scripture and how all of the Bible points to Jesus. Many parents attend a Life Group during this hour and reconnect with their student(s) during the 10:30 AM corporate worship hour. We would love to see your middle schooler and welcome them to the conversation this Sunday. 


At 6:00 PM every Wednesday night during the school year, we host an on-campus bible study for Middle School students. Middle Schoolers participate in discussion together as we ask 7 crucial questions of each piece of scripture we explore together. It is a highlight of our week in Middle School Ministry and great care is taken to ensure students hear the gospel each and every week and are challenged to go out and tell others what they have heard. We would love to have your student worship with us!


As listed above, on Sundays and Wednesdays, Middle School Ministry gathers in The District. Please, fill out our first-time guest card and we’ll introduce your student(s) to others in their grade.

If you would like to plan a visit with us on either a Sunday or a Wednesday, please email Eric Warren, and we would love to ensure that your student has the best experience possible.

Student Ministry at The Glade Church is here to aid families in the proper discipleship of their students, equipping them to share the Gospel wherever the Lord leads them. 

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