Church Family,

It really is bittersweet for me to be writing this. I want to let each of you know that I have accepted a Pastor position at Heartland Church in Southaven, MS. I will continue to serve at the Glade through September 26th.

I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am for each one of you and for my time at the Glade. I have been at the Glade for over 18 years and have been on staff for over 11 years. I will always treasure that time.

We have also been in the trenches of ministry together. I have served hundreds of students, walked with you through births, marriages, graduations, through funerals, and through so many other life situations. We have walked through multiple seasons of transition. We have done so much work in our community, we have sent hundreds of people on short term trips, we have had two individuals move overseas for a period of 3 to 6 months and we had two individuals move overseas for period longer than a year. All for the sake of the gospel. I want you to know that we will always treasure these moments. The moments where we have poured our lives into His church here on this corner with each of you.

I showed up at the Glade at 17 years old when Ashley and I started dating. You guys walked us through dating, you walked with us through engagement, and you have walked with us through marriage. Thank you for the thousands upon thousands of hugs and prayers on our behalf. Thank you, Bruce Grubbs, for trusting the 23-year-old me to invest in the lives of students and families. Thank you, Craig Webb, for continually encouraging and equipping me, even to this day. Thank you, Mark Marshall, for walking with me through the most difficult season of my life. You did not give up on me. Thank you, Mark Satterfield, for being patient with us as we discern God’s direction for our family and further equipping me for the work of ministry.

You as a church have walked with us through infertility, you walked with me through a very dark season of depression that led to me taking a leave of absence from my work here. The days where I had all but given up on myself, you, church family never gave up on me. You walked with us through the birth of our daughter Claire, and all the health challenges that brought. From the issues in utero to the tumor at birth, you stood with us. And you walked with us through the long adoption process. You have walked with me through two degrees. I completed my masters during my time as a student minister and Lord willing, will graduate in December with my doctorate. You prayed for us, your encouraged us, and you financially supported us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

It’s not the norm for a pastor to be ministered to at the level you guys have ministered to me and my entire family. I am going to miss the one-on-one conversations, the coffees, the lunches, the walks, and the things that have given me such deep relationships with so many.

It has been our prayer that our time at the Glade and our exit would be evidence of God’s faithfulness. We will always love the Glade Church, because of all the ministry that God has accomplished here and because of each one of you who call this place your church home.

I love you Glade Church,

Pastor Robert Post