Join us for this summertime fan favorite! Students who have completed 6th-12th grade are invited to a fun-filled day at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. 

Cost: $60

Important Items to Know:

  • The bus will be leaving from the Student Life Center at 6:30 am. Please arrive at the student building BEFORE 6:15a to avoid being left. 
  • If your student has a cell phone, we recommend sending it with them on the trip. If they don’t have a phone, there is no need to worry as students will never be alone in the park.
  • This is an ALL DAY trip. Please remember to send your student with at least enough cash to purchase lunch and dinner in the park. We will have light breakfast fare available in the Student Life Center before we leave. 
  • Lockers can be rented inside the park for $10 for a small or $15 for a large. A $10 locker is sufficient for at least 2 small bags. If your student wishes to use the water park, we recommend that they bring a small bag and a towel and plan on renting a locker for a dry change of clothes. We request that female students opt for a one-piece bathing suit.
  • Finally, we strongly recommend that you receive updates from the team throughout the day. To do so, please download the WhatsApp messenger app and click below.
WhatsApp Parent Thread

WhatsApp messenger works best on your smartphone but there is a desktop client as well. We will be using it to send photos throughout the day as well as letting parents know when we have arrived, when we have left, and ETAs