Get ready for a heartwarming and festive adventure on Sunday, December 10, 2023, as the MS Ministry embarks on a delightful caroling excursion to visit some of the cherished older members and shut-ins from our church family. This special outing promises a perfect blend of fun and service, allowing our students to bond while uplifting the spirits of our church family.

These people eagerly look forward to our arrival.  For some, these visits are a lifeline to the church they hold dear but haven't been able to attend for years due to health challenges. Our presence and songs mean the world to them.

To make this heartwarming event a success, I am counting on the support of both our dedicated students and their parents. If you're an adult willing to lend a helping hand and provide transportation, please let me know.

Here are the key details:

  • Plan to gather at the District at 4:00 pm. We'll rehearse our songs and organize into groups.
  • Our caroling journey kicks off at 4:15 pm, spreading joy and holiday cheer.
  • We'll return to the church by 7 pm, having made lasting memories and spreading goodwill throughout the day.

Signing up is not required to attend, but if you know your student will be going, or if you can drive, can you fill out this short FORM so that I can make sure there are enough drivers.  THANKS!!!!

If you have any questions, contact David.