Breaker Rock Beach | JUNE 3-6, 2024 | 9 am - 12 noon

[VBS Registration is closed // Walk-up Registraiton opens at 8:30am in the morning]


    8:30am  - Leader Meeting (sanctuary)
    8:45-9am - Check-In for Kids (each child gets their security sticker)
    9am - Worship Rally (sanctuary)

    12-12:15 - Closing Rally (Sanctuary)
        Parents are invited to come on it for the Closing Rally and must present security stickers to exit.

Theme: Breaker Rock Beach

  • Monday - We looked at how Satan tricked Adam and Eve -- but we're teaching Truth comes from God.   
  • Tuesday - Daniel and his friends chose God's way -- and kids will learn that God's Plan is Best.
  • Wednesday - In the story of the rich young ruler, we get to share with kids that Everyone Needs Jesus.
  • Thursday -  we see what John wrote about the details are really true, and that Jesus is the Only Way to have eternal life.

Is your child asking questions about Jesus or about what they heard at VBS about the gospel?  We've got a resource page for you. READ MORE

🥫  Missions Offering

The missions offering we collect this week is for The Glade Church Food Pantry.  Kids can bring money or specific items (they are given a list in Missions rotation, or its found online). Our goal is to try to provide more food than last year's VBS, which was 22 boxes! Kids can bring their donations down to the stage in the Worship Center when they arrive each morning!

🎶 VBS Music

You can play the VBS music for your kids at home or on the road. These songs are so catchy! Search for "Breaker Rock Beach" or "VBS 2024" on Apple Music or Spotify.



📣  Participant Info

Check-In each day will be 8:45-9am. Enter under the canopy through the glass doors from the big parking lot. The Worship Center doors will not open until 8:45 when the leader meeting concludes.

All kids need a name tag sticker and parent security tag for pick-up. Bring your normal scan cards. For those who do not have a scan card in our system, we can create one for you at the Kids Check-In Station that you can use throughout the week!

Parents are invited to Closing Rally. Doors open at 11:50 and the program will begin at noon each day. Please sit in the side sections in the worship center, kids will be in the middle.

Pick up will be after Closing Rally at 12:15 - kids will be seated in their grade-level rows and you can find them at the end, check security tags at the exit doors.

Each day we will be studying God’s Word, so have your child bring his/her Bible. Because we will be doing lots of other fun activities like Recreation and Crafts, kids may have more success keeping up with their Bible by bringing it in a small drawstring backpack. Please put your child’s name on anything they bring to VBS.

Do not send kids with toys, phones, electronics, or things of that sort - these can tend to cause distractions.

If you purchased a VBS t-shirt for your child, those have been labeled and can be picked up from a rolling rack near the Kids Check-In station. This is the same place as leader T-shirt pick-up.

Contact Information

VBS | Jeremy Echols | 

VBS Jr. (for preschoolers whose parents are serving)  | Bridget Scott |